Large, Comprehensive Slot Flow Testing

As proppant and fluid encounter multiple factors inside an unconventional reservoir, maximizing the learnings on each test can be achieved by incorporating multiple equipment and material aspects. PropTester has dedicated over 2,500 square feet for flow loop and proppant transport testing. Proppant and fluids can be tested using a customizable 4’ x 8’ and 10’x20′ Slot Flow Wall.

Significant factors including tortuosity, leak-off, and the ability for in-situ analysis of the materials after being pumped is capable on this patent-pending equipment. The wall can be highly modified to accommodate a wide variety of testing regimes and flow patterns. The slurry behavior through the acrylic panes is documented with multiple cameras mounted throughout the structure. Frac sand can also be dyed to visualize the segregation of the proppant while pumping. Flow meters, pressure transducers, a densitometer, and linear variable differential transformer assist to monitor the movement of the material and structure throughout the test. Multiple design features can also be utilized. In addition to a tortuous path, equipment can be added to study a winged (4’x8′ only) or a transverse fracture.

Once completed, the patent-pending equipment is designed for disassembly for detailed analysis on the proppant and fluid. Data analyses can include but is not limited to the sieve analysis, proppant concentration, fluid viscosity, and proppant conductivity testing on the samples.

Videos of large, comprehensive slot flow test can be accessed here.